What Are Some Cool "12 Days of Christmas" Decorating Ideas?

Some cool ideas for decorating according to the 12-days-of-Christmas theme include adding a unique pre-lit tree to the home in the place of a partridge in a pear tree and putting up two lanterns in place of the two turtle doves. These ideas add a modern twist to the theme by using objects other than the ones found in the poem.

Hang up three Christmas stockings instead of three French hens. The decorator can place these on a stair banister or fireplace. Then, decorate with four ornamental silver stars by hanging them on a wall or propping them on a mantle. Five tea lights hung from ribbons make simple, beautiful decorations for porches or doorways. Use six ornaments as six pretty place holders. Instead of seven swimming swans, the decorator can hang seven wreaths on the front door that are made with different colors and textures. Instead of regular ornaments a Christmas tree can display eight tree-top birds, complete with mini birdhouses. Use nine Christmas crackers, 10 white candles, 11 window stickers and 12 linen hearts to complete the theme.

Decorators can substitute their own ideas for any of these suggestions, as long as the number of each item remains tied to the theme.