How Do You Conduct a Candlelight Communion Service?

conduct-candlelight-communion-service Credit: Adam Smigielski/E+/Getty Images

To prepare for a candlelight communion service, select scriptures that relate to the sacrament of communion from the Bible, choose songs and hymns for the congregation to sing that focus on the bread of life, organize volunteers to pass out and light candles and prepare communion for parishioners to receive. An opening and closing prayer also needs to be selected for the candlelight communion service.

During a candlelight communion service, the pastor or minister typically begins with an opening prayer welcoming the church audience, followed by an opening hymn. Next, a church member or the pastor reads a scripture or two from the Bible and proceeds to light the main candle at the center of the worship space. As the main candle burns, volunteers and church members distribute the sacrament of communion to those in attendance, and a hymn is sung during and immediately following the distribution of communion.

Once communion is distributed and guests are seated, volunteers pass out single candles to the audience, and one-by-one, parishioners light their candles from the main candle or a lit candle from another parishioner. The service concludes with a hymn and closing prayer before the lit candles are extinguished by the minister and audience members.