Are There Any Companies That Let People Call Santa for Free?

The Santa Hotline offers free calls to Santa. While the hotline is not personally answered, a caller can leave a message for Santa. Christmas Dialer has a service in which Santa calls a residence or cell phone.

To schedule a prerecorded call from either Santa or an elf, a consumer enters his telephone number on Christmas Dialer's website, The individual can select from four prerecorded messages based on the topic of the message. For example, the company offers a "Be Good" message that congratulates the call recipient for trying to be good and promises a special present on Christmas. The "On My List" call reassures a child that Santa has her on his list and he will bring her a special gift on Christmas Eve. Christmas Dialer offers a total of eight messages from which to choose, four from Santa and four from an elf.

The Santa Hotline has specific telephone numbers for select states and cities. If the caller doesn't live in those areas, then the call is subject to long-distance fees. The site also provides for emails to Santa in which a child can let Santa know what the child wants for Christmas.

Portable North Pole sends a free video email message from Santa during the Christmas season. The company personalizes the message with the child's photo, hometown and grade in school. This company also offers a free, personalized birthday video from Santa.