What Are Some Common Songs Used for Musical Greeting Cards?


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Common songs used for musical greeting cards include "Happy Birthday to You" and "That's Amore." Musical greeting cards for birthdays commonly use variations on "Happy Birthday to You," such as dogs barking, silly electronic voices and renditions by popular artists. Musical Valentine's Day cards also use variations on the love song "That's Amore," making the song more comedic or personalized. Musical greeting cards commonly use personalized messages that the card giver records before sealing the card.

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Musical greeting cards are often sent digitally. These e-cards send digital sound files attached to images, and the file plays when the recipient clicks on the image.

Sound chips called Chipcorders allow physical greeting cards to play sounds, songs and greetings. Chipcorders record analogue sounds and store them for later playback. Unlike digital sounds, analogue sounds don't need to be compressed and encoded before storage, making them a cheaper and more efficient option.

In musical greeting cards, a Chipcorder's circuit boards are glued or taped to one side of the card, and the Chipcorder itself is attached to the other. The two pieces are connected with a tab; when the card is opened, the tab releases, allowing the circuit to complete and the sound to play.

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