What Are Some Common Items on a Wedding Check List?

Common items on a wedding checklist include determining a budget, creating a guest list, reserving necessary equipment and choosing the music. Wedding checklist items are typically separated by the amount of time until the wedding date.

An engagement in the United States is typically around 16 months, as of June 2015. The first stage of wedding planning begins when the couple gets engaged and lasts until about nine or 10 months before the wedding. In this stage, the couple creates their budget and guest list. Couples with shorter engagements may need a shorter checklist time line.

The budget is based on how much the couple and their families are contributing. They should prioritize certain parts of the wedding to determine how much to spend on each. For the guest list, they should include every guest's contact information. They can also choose the wedding party.

The couple should reserve equipment about six or seven months before the wedding, after they have reserved a venue. Equipment varies based on the wedding, but may include chairs, portable toilets and linens.

Although the couple finalizes their song list about a month before the wedding, they should start selecting songs four or five months before the wedding. That way, they avoid the stress of choosing songs at the last minute.