What Common French Phrases Should You Learn for a Vacation in Paris?


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Phrases such as "Je voudrais ça, s'il vous plait" and "Je ne parle pas français" are the types of simple phrase that are useful when visiting Paris as a tourist. When using French with strangers, make sure to use "vous," the formal form of the word "you" in French.

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"Je voudrais ça, s'il vous plait" means "I would like that, please," while "Je ne parle pas français" means "I don't speak French." Other useful phrases include "Do you speak English?", which is "Parlez-vous anglais?", "Where are the toilets?," or "Où sont les toilettes?" and "How much does that cost?", which is "Ça coute combien?"

About.com provides a number of useful French expressions for travellers and offers sound files for each phrase. The site provides translations for useful phrases and questions. It also contains links from the travel vocabulary page to further vocabulary, and French language learning pages. Sections include vocabulary for accommodation, the airport, directions, emergencies, restaurants and transportation.

Only learn vocabulary using the "vous" pronoun and not the "tu" form for the second person singular. The "vous" form is used when addressing more than one person and when addressing strangers. The "tu" pronoun is only used with close friends.

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