What Are Common Christmas Party Activities?

Whether hosting a Christmas party based on a theme, such as "Minute to Win It," or simply looking for short activities, there are many engaging activities for guests of all ages, including ideas such as a photo booth or games. There are also numerous fun craft activities to offer at a holiday party, from ornament decorating to jingle ball hair clips.

For a "Minute to Win It" Christmas-themed party, guests can race to toss marshmallows through a wreath and into a bucket, or they can balance ornaments on a yardstick and paper towel tube. For example, people can try to stick red pom-poms to their noses by using Vaseline as the adhesive, or they can open wrapped presents while wearing ski gloves.

To stage a fun photo booth, corner off an area with a fairly plain backdrop, and place accessories nearby in a festive container. Offer props, such as reindeer antlers, Rudolph's red nose, Frosty's top hat and Santa hats. Position a camera close by, and start snapping photos.

Many Christmas parties involve a white elephant gift exchange. There are plenty of variations of this traditional gift swap, including versions using dice or "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" to determine the order for opening presents. For the poetic version, guests draw a word from a hat. The host reads the poem with an emphasis on the words selected from the hat, and guests choose presents in the order that their words appear in the poem.