What Are Some Common 50th Birthday Gifts for Men?


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Because the 50th birthday is considered a milestone, gifts tend to be more elaborate and focus on the milestone as it relates to the individual interests of the person turning 50. Common gifts include watches, grills, tools and nostalgic newspapers that focus on his date of birth. Other popular gifts can highlight hobbies such as golf clubs for the golfer, power tools for the handyman and sports tickets for the sports enthusiast.

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One popular gift category is the experience gift. These are especially popular for those reaching milestone birthdays such as their 50th. These gifts range from being a fighter pilot for a day to being a race car driver for a day. For the more sedate, experience gifts include wine tasting events and spa packages.

Another popular gift idea is the nostalgic gift. Leatherbound copies of the newspaper for each year the person was alive is one option. Another is a framed copy of the newspaper from his birthplace printed on the day he was born.

Perhaps the most popular nostalgic gift is a gift basket containing items that were popular the decade he was born. Oldtimecandy.com offers Decade Boxes filled with candy from every decade back to the 1950's.

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