What Are Some Common 45th Wedding Anniversary Gifts?

common-45th-wedding-anniversary-gifts Credit: Jose Luis Pelaez/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Some common 45th wedding anniversary gifts include sapphire jewelry, such as rings, bracelets and cuff links. Home decor, such as artisan bowls, modern art and crystal frames, are also common. Food, such as wine and French chocolates, as well as clothing, such as scarves and ties are also classic gifts.

Because sapphire is the traditional gemstone for a 45th wedding anniversary, giving a blue-colored gift is popular. A framed love poem on scented blue paper, dark blue flowers and blue lingerie are common presents for couples. Wrapping paper and ribbons should also be used to adorn the present, because it represents faithfulness, sincerity and wisdom.

Common nostalgic gifts include a DVD montage of photos that document the couple's major marital moments, such as the wedding and the birth of their children. Other nostalgic gifts are personalized novels, scrapbooks, keepsake anniversary plates, commemorative pendants and a CD compilation of the couple's first dance, favorite songs and songs that were popular during the year of the couple's wedding.

Other common gift ideas for a 45th wedding anniversary are items that commemorate the number of years the couple has spent together. A bouquet of 45 roses or a gift basket filled with 45 items are popular choices.