How Do Comforting Words Help to Deal With Grief?


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Comforting words can help a person deal with grief by letting him know that people care about him. It can also show him that he has someone available if he wants to talk about his feelings.

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A person who wants to comfort someone else who is dealing with grief should try to be natural and show compassion. Signs of affection, such as an arm around the shoulder or a hug, can sometimes help. The person who is grieving may have frequent mood swings, going from anger to sadness. He may want to talk about his feelings, in which case a person can be helpful by just listening and allowing him to vent his emotions.

An offer to help a grieving person in his time of need is often appreciated, as those in grief sometimes have trouble asking others for help. It is important to be specific and take initiative. A person can do that by dropping off meals, inviting the grieving person out for an activity and contacting him occasionally to see how he is doing.

A person should avoid asking the grieving person any private or difficult questions. He should also avoid saying anything that minimizes the grieving person's pain, such as "I know how you feel." or "It's not that bad."

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