What Are Some Clever Ideas for Decorating Pumpkins?


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Martha Stewart's carrot nose jack-o'-lanterns and fanged pumpkins are two clever pumpkin decorating ideas. Add another dimension to a jack-o'-lantern with a carrot nose, or give small pumpkins some extra bite with toy teeth and thumbtack eyes. For a knife-free alternative, make a pumpkin mummy with gauze and googly eyes.

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To make simple carrot nose jack-o'-lanterns, cut the top from a pumpkin, scoop out the flesh, and carve triangle eyes and a small hole for the nose. Insert a full-sized carrot securely into the nose hole to complete the look. When using white Lumina pumpkins, substitute a parsnip for the carrot.

The fanged pumpkin requires a small white pumpkin, plastic vampire teeth, and red thumbtacks. Cut a hole into the pumpkin with a small saw to accommodate the teeth. Wedge the teeth into the hole, and pin the thumbtacks into the pumpkin for eyes. To complete the look, cut black construction paper into bat wings, fold down 1/4-inch of the wings, and glue onto an additional pumpkin with a hot-glue gun. Display the pumpkins grouped together on a mantel.

For a kid-friendly project, avoid sharp cutting tools and wrap a large, uncarved orange pumpkin with a length of gauze, and then stick craft-store googly eyes below the stem to create a mummy pumpkin.

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