What Are Some Clever and Creative Ways to Gift Money?


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Umbrellas, tissue boxes, fast food containers, balloons and ice provide creative presentations for gifting money. Artistically folded paper money forms leis, money tree leaves, fortune cookies, neckties or rosettes. Some presentations require glue dots or other easy-to-use adhesives, and any denominations of paper money work equally well.

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Suspending paper money with ribbons tied to umbrella ribs make it rain money when the umbrella opens. A tissue box decorated with clever sayings dispenses paper money. Adhesive affixes bills end to end to allow a steady stream of cash. Money fanned out to form a circle and placed in a pizza box, or rolled and stuffed into a fast-food fries container, creates fun surprises.

Inflated balloons holding bills or water balloons holding coins make clever presentations. Money enclosed in a sandwich bag and frozen inside a bowl of water gives the birthday honoree some cold, hard cash.

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