What Are Clever Baby Shower Gift Wrapping Ideas?

Clever ideas for wrapping baby shower gifts include using blankets as wrapping paper, using clothes pins or diaper pins instead of tape, and using gifts to fill other gifts. Creative items, such as paint buckets, can make fun and interesting gift wrappings.

Use a part of the baby's gift to wrap a box full of other gifts. Baby blankets and towels make excellent wrapping paper for gift boxes. These items can also be wrapped around baskets full of toys, supplies and other goodies.

Instead of using tape to secure wrapping paper or blankets, try clothes or diaper pins. This cute and functional idea gives the mother additional items for the baby. Use clothes pins to attach an adorable outfit to the outside of a plain gift bag for added cuteness.

Fill a gift with other gifts. For example, fill an infant tub with towels, wash cloths, baby wash and diapers, or stuff a Moses basket with blankets, sleepers and a CD of lullabies. Pack a diaper bag with clothes, wipes, bottles and tiny spoons. This ensures all parts of the gift are useful to mom and baby.

Think outside the box for creative wrapping solutions. Decorate a paint can with a fun baby theme, and fill it with items the new family needs. Fill a bath toy holder with tiny toys for the new addition. Use brown wrapping paper filled with handwritten quotes about babies for a precious twist on wrapping paper.