What Are Some Classic Halloween Stories for Kids?


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Classic Halloween stories for kids include "The Tell-Tale Heart," "The Horror of the Heights" and "The Monkey's Paw." Edgar Allan Poe wrote "The Tell-Tale Heart," Sir Author Conan Doyle wrote "The Horror of the Heights," and William Wymark Jacobs wrote "The Monkey's Paw."

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The unnamed narrator of "The Tell-Tale Heart" begins the story by explaining to the audience that he's nervous but not insane. He then speaks of stalking an old man because of the man's pale blue eye. The narrator breaks into the old man's home, murders him and buries him in the floorboards. When the police arrive, the narrator is able to convince them nothing is wrong, but he grows paranoid and believes the old man's heart is still beating. The paranoia causes the man to confess.

"The Horror of the Heights" tells its story through the fictional notebook of Mr. Joyce-Armstrong, an aviator interested in the deaths of those who tried to break the 30,000-foot height record. Joyce-Armstrong believes "air-jungles" killed the pilots and takes his plane up to investigate. He finds these air-jungles, which are inhabited with creatures. Although he gets away safely, he goes missing when he returns to the sky for evidence.

"The Monkey's Paw" is about a couple, Mr. and Mrs. White, who obtain a monkey's paw with the power to grant three wishes. Despite a warning against using it, Mr. White wishes for 200 pounds. The next day, the couple's son Herbert dies in a machinery accident, and the company pays 200 pounds as a goodwill gesture. Later, Mrs. White convinces Mr. White to wish Herbert back to life. Knowing that Herbert's body was mutilated, Mr. White wishes Herbert away before his wife can see him.

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