What Are Some Class Reunion Centerpiece Ideas?

What Are Some Class Reunion Centerpiece Ideas?

Some class reunion centerpiece ideas include books, photo tree, dual-purpose trophies and pep. Those responsible for planning the reunion can find these ideas easy and fun. Also, they can help create a good memory of the reunion.

The book idea requires hot glue and spray paint. Those organizing the reunion can use the spray paint to create their school colors on the books. They should let the paint dry and glue three or four books together. Also, to create an attractive centerpiece, they can wrap the books with ribbons that have the colors of their school.

For the photo tree, the organizers can go to their yearbook and get copies of senior pictures and put them on photo trees. Placing them on table tops can create a fun centerpiece. The photo trees can help start conversations once the guests notice the changes made to their photos.

Trophies make good centerpieces, and the organizers can have different phrases engraved on the trophies. 'Class Clown' is one of the phrases that they engrave on the trophies. They can also use the trophies in a game during the reunion.

The organizers can get pep-rally memorabilia and have it in their centerpieces. If they were not pep squad members or cheerleaders, they can go to department stores and get ordinary items such as pompoms. Putting them next to megaphones can create a good centerpiece. They organizers can also consider decorating them with curly ribbons.