What Are Some Cities Around the World With Popular New Year Countdown Events?

What Are Some Cities Around the World With Popular New Year Countdown Events?

Some cities around the world with popular New Year's Eve countdown events include New York City, London, Madrid, Berlin and Tokyo. Other cities with popular New Year's Eve events include Las Vegas, Sydney, Paris and Hong Kong.

New York City hosts one of the world's most famous New Year's Eve countdowns. Millions of people around the world watch as the ball drops in Times Square at midnight. The event itself usually attracts more than one million visitors.

London hosts its celebrations along the River Thames. Millions of people stop by the riverside around midnight to ring in the New Year. Big Ben offers the official countdown, and the London Eye provides a spectacular fireworks display.

Madrid has a very unique countdown tradition. In the 12 seconds before the clock strikes midnight, revelers must attempt to swallow 12 grapes. Those who manage to finish one grape for each stroke are said to enjoy good luck for the coming year. As the clock strikes midnight, the city hosts a fireworks display on the Gran Via.

Berlin's New Year's Eve celebration attracts over a million visitors each year. The official party takes place at Brandenburg Gate, which offers live music and a huge fireworks show. However, the whole city turns into a giant party as the clock counts down to midnight.

In Tokyo, temple bells count down the New Year. The Japanese eat buckwheat noodles on New Year's Eve, as these are believed to bring health into the coming year.