How Is Cinco De Mayo Celebrated?


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Cinco de Mayo is celebrated with street festivals and music. In some cities, there are parades and mariachi performances for the public.

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Cinco de Mayo marks the day when Mexico's army defeated the French during the Battle of Puebla. In the United States, it is a holiday that celebrates Mexican history and culture, with the biggest celebrations taking place in towns and cities with a strong Mexican population. Traditional celebrations include parades, mariachi music, parties, Mexican folk dancing and Mexican cuisine. Some of the biggest celebrations take place in Los Angeles, Houston and Chicago.

People who want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with their family can:

  • Hang banners featuring colors from the Mexican flag.
  • Create snacks and drinks people of all ages can enjoy. This includes tacos, salsa and alcohol-free margaritas.
  • Try out a new Mexican recipe.
  • Create fun games for people of all ages to enjoy. One idea is to set up craft stations where they can decorate sombreros and maracas. Kids may enjoy hitting at a pinata, which parents can fill with small toys or candy.
  • When looking for Mexican themed deserts, try serving fried ice cream.
  • Find a local street party or festival to attend.
  • People who want to create healthy Cinco de Mayo celebrations can try incorporating more fruit and vegetables into their recipes, while reducing the number of carbohydrates present. In addition, they can make re-fried beans from scratch, which are healthier than canned versions.
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