What Is the Church of Christ Communion Meditation?

What Is the Church of Christ Communion Meditation?

There's no one Church of Christ communion meditation because each church is independent and self-governing. However, in each church, the ministers give parishioners a meditation or scriptural idea to ponder during the silent moments following communion. The meditation is a type of prayer.

The Church of Christ is a nondenominational organization that considers Christ its head. The independent churches that make up the Church of Christ celebrate the Last Supper by taking communion. Communion wafers represent Jesus' body, and wine represents His blood.

Before communion, the preacher reads scripture, delivers a sermon and gives congregants points to think about following communion.

During the communion portion of a Church of Christ service, congregants take their turns receiving the body and blood of Christ. After they return to their seats, they bow their heads in prayer as they wait for all the parishioners to receive their communion. As part of that prayer, they're encouraged to meditate on the scriptural tenets the minister discussed earlier in the service.

The meditations can take whatever form the parishioner chooses. While some use that time for prayers of thanks, others ask for guidance or comfort, or they simply think about how they might use information they learned during the sermon to strengthen their faith and improve their lives.