What Is Christmas Tree Flocking?


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Christmas tree flocking is a fluffy, white material that is applied to live and artificial trees to give the appearance of snow. Christmas trees can be purchased with flocking already on, or flocking can be made and applied at home.

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What Is Christmas Tree Flocking?
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Flocking a Christmas tree at home requires soap flakes, liquid starch and blue food coloring. The soap flakes and liquid starch are combined in a bowl, with a little water added at a time and mixed until the flocking is thick and peaks can be formed in it. Food coloring is added until the flocking is a glossy, white color that looks like real snow.

Anyone preparing a flocking mixture should wear a mask and safety glasses, because fumes can irritate the nose and eyes. An apron and gloves should be worn to protect clothing and hands from the color when applying the flocking mixture on the tree. Flocking should be done outside to minimize mess and exposure to fumes. Before applying flocking to the Christmas tree, the tree should be put in a stand on a flat, stable surface. Any decorations should be removed before flocking the tree.

Flocking material should be lightly painted on the tree, starting from the top. To achieve a natural look, only the outer tops of branches are painted. Flocking can also be sprayed onto the tree. It should be allowed to dry completely before bringing the tree indoors and decorating it.

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