What Are Some Christmas Traditions in Madagascar?

Some Christmas traditions in Madagascar include sharing of gifts, attending church services, eating dinner with family, engaging in festivities and paying a visit to the less privileged. Madagascar is an island country situated off the east coast of Africa.

The people of Madagascar normally attend church services on the eve of Christmas. It is also quite common to witness hundreds going to church on Christmas Day. Most sermons are centered around the birth of Jesus Christ and how he impacted the lives of human beings across the world.

Members of individual families normally reunite during this period and engage in different activities to help foster their bond. It is common for family members to eat different meals together while catching up on how each one's year had been. On Christmas Day, the people of Madagascar exchange presents to show each other just how much they care for each other.

Different people from different communities also pay visits to the elderly and spend time with them. During this time, elders are known to pass their knowledge and share in some words of wisdom. The Malagasy also pay visits to those in hospitals, prisons and orphanages in order to share their time and some material support.