What Are Some Christmas Traditions Around the World?


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There are many Christmas traditions from around the world, such as the Austrian tradition of Krampus, the Christmas devil that attacks disobedient children. Germany has several interesting traditions, such as children leaving shoes outside at the beginning of December to be filled with candy or searching for the hidden pickle on the Christmas tree. In Italy, children are visited on January 5 by a witch who gives toys and candy.

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In Norway, brooms are hidden on Christmas Eve to prevent witches from finding and using them. In Sweden, an almond is hidden in rice pudding, and unmarried adults fish around for it to get married the coming year. In Finland, people remember the dead by placing lit candles by the graves. Finnish children leave a shoe out during the 12 days of Christmas, which are then filled with presents and candy every night. Greenland has unusual traditional Christmas foods, among which is mattak, a chunk of raw whale that includes the blubber and skin. In Great Britain, every member of the household takes turns stirring the Christmas pudding and making a wish before it is baked. The well-known tradition of naughty children receiving a lump of coal started in England.

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