What Are Some Christmas Stocking Ideas?

Christmas stockings can be crafted and decorated with individual names embroidered on the exterior of a standard size pre-made stocking, glammed up with glitter glue drawings and stencils or cut into specialized shapes to represent a cartoon character or favorite animal, such as a giraffe or flamingo. Stockings can also include various patterns and fabric to show off favorite sports teams, school spirit or company logos.

When crafting Christmas stockings, traditional ideas include making the boot of the stocking red with white fur on the top to match Santa Claus. Stockings can also be made with red and green and red material to show off popular Christmas colors. To celebrate the season and cooler temperatures, crafters can also decorate stockings with white snowflakes constructed from construction paper and glued to the stocking or white glitter applied in the shape of snowflakes or snowmen.

The exterior of the stocking can also be modified by cutting fringes into the fabric for a feathered look. Cutting the shape of the stocking into the shape of a Christmas tree is also a popular design idea. Additional ideas include tye-dyed fabric, sweater material shaped into a stocking and multi-colored fabric balls with yarn or string attached to the exterior of the stocking to put on display.