What Are Some Christmas Letter Samples That Businesses Can Use?

christmas-letter-samples-businesses-can-use Credit: Daniel Grill/Getty Images

There are different types of sample Christmas letters businesses can use depending on the recipient and intent of the message. Businesses can send letters or cards to clients, associates and employees. Letters and cards can convey appreciation for working relationships or may describe an employee incentive offered around the holidays.

Sending Christmas letters and cards is one way for a business to recognize and appreciate successful relationships with fellow businesses, contacts and clients. It is also an excellent way for a business to recognize employee contributions and loyalty. Samples can often be found as templates online or from word processing software packages, such as Apache OpenOffice, Microsoft Word or Hallmark.

Letters to clients, contacts and peer businesses help maintain working relationships and solid connections. Letters to contacts and peers can outline specific successes throughout the year and hopes for future engagements to bring in more business for both parties. Letters to customers and clients may offer extended credit services or discounts before the holidays to encourage purchases and increase sales. Appreciating how clients and customers supported a business throughout the year with a year-end "gift" keeps them engaged and loyal.

Letters to employees express appreciation by the business for efforts put forth throughout the year. This appreciation can be supplemented with a bonus or an employee discount to make the recognition more meaningful.

Christmas letters sent by businesses are completely optional, but offer an excellent way to stay connected to the components that make a business run well.