What Is a Christmas Letter to Employees?

christmas-letter-employees Credit: VStock LLC/Getty Images

A Christmas letter to employees is an official letter written by the top management to the employees to recognize the diligent work done by them throughout the year and wish them a happy Christmas holiday. The letter includes the address and the contacts of the company at the top left corner side followed by the the message; the introduction, the body and the conclusion, and finally the name, signature and the signatory of the sender, which can be replaced by the name of the company in some formats.

The introduction of this letter should pass greetings to the entire team of the company and also express sincere wishes for happiness and peace during the Christmas period.

The next part of the letter, which is the body, should start by acknowledging the joy that is always brought by the end of the year, and how important it is to the employees. The next step should be expressing the interest to join them in this celebration mood of Christmas through this letter and expressing the importance of bonding with family and friends during this period.

In the conclusion part, the employees should be appreciated for their contribution to the company and congratulated for the good work. Finally, the name of the company, or the name of the sender, the signature and signatory should be written down to conclude the letter.