What Is the Christmas Left-Right Game?

The Christmas left-right game is a group gift exchange game. A story is read aloud, and when the words 'right' and 'left' are mentioned, people must pass their gifts within the circle either to their left or right, depending on which word is spoken.

The Christmas left-right game can be played with gifts, candy, prizes or any number of items, particularly seasonal ones corresponding with the Christmas holiday. The story itself can vary, but it is most frequently some version of a popular and well-known Christmas tale, such as the Nativity story of the birth of Christ or the popular "Night Before Christmas" poem. The gifts continue to be passed to individuals within the circle, alternating direction between right and left as both words are spoken aloud, until at last the story is over.

At this time, the reader of the story announces the story's completion and notes that the game is over, and the people in the circle keep whatever gift is in their hands when the announcement is made. The game can be used as a new tradition amongst family members or friends, as a social activity for a group or organization, or even as a unique icebreaker at a holiday event.