What Are Some Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas?


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Christmas bulletin board ideas include cutting out felt images of a reindeer with the caption "Oh, Deer! Happy Holidays" or "Oh, Deer! Christmas is Here!" A bulletin board that features a number of small paper houses with Christmas lights connecting the houses can symbolize a neighborhood during the holiday season, suggests MPM School Supplies. White construction paper can be used to represent snow.

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Eye-catching Christmas trees made of wrapping paper in a number of different colors also can be included on a Christmas bulletin board. The snow can be made with small white circles of paper created with a hole puncher.

A Christmas bulletin board featuring popular characters associated with the holiday season is also ideal. For instance, a large cut-out of the Grinch can be posted on a bulletin board or classroom door. Red paper in the shape of hearts, with the name of a child in the classroom written on each heart, can be posted onto the Grinch. This is in keeping with Dr. Seuss' story of the Grinch, which indicates that his heart was too small. Children can take a heart from the bulletin board during a holiday gift exchange, suggests The Classroom Creative.

A bulletin board for Christmas that looks like the living room of a home is another idea. The fireplace and chairs can be made from construction paper, paired with real stockings hung on the fireplace and a real wreath above the fireplace to add texture and character to the board.

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