How Do You Choose the Wording for a Unity Candle Lighting in a Wedding Ceremony?


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Choose the wording for the unity candle lighting section of a wedding by determining when it happens during the wedding and whether the participants are the couple or the couple and the children they have. Decide on an introduction that explains the significance of the candle lighting and the process used to light the candle. Some couples say vows to each other or to the children, while others play a song or choose a reading or poem for the lighting.

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One option is to have the officiant explain the ceremony significance and direct the couple, and any other participants, through the steps in lighting the candle together. If either of the couples have children, the officiant says the name of each child and her role in the ceremony. He then mentions that the lighting ceremony represents the unification of each person into one, committed family. After they light the candle, the officiant reminds each member of the new family to keep the candle as a continual visual reminder to them of the commitment and love promised to each other.

Sometimes, the ceremony is performed with the parents of the bride and groom. The mothers or fathers each light a small candle before the officiant begins the ceremony. Once the lighting section approaches, a poem or reading is read, or a song is sung or played while the bride takes one candle and the groom takes the other and lights the large middle candle.

Some couples prefer to light the candle before the wedding ceremony, using it as a photo opportunity. Some couples prefer to light the candle during the reception at the head table or the guest book table. When doing either, choose whether to say unity vows to each other or just light the candle.

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