How Do You Choose a Pearl Engagement Ring?


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When choosing a pearl engagement ring, the most important aspect to keep in mind is whether the pearl is natural or cultured. Once this is settled, factors such as the size, color, lustre and shape of the pearl should also influence the buying decision. While white pearls are the most popular. Selecting one that matches or complements the recipient's skin tone is also a great idea.

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To stand out from the crowd, steer clear of the traditional diamond, emerald and ruby engagement rings. Pearls are a great choice both for their connotations of youth and their timeless elegance. It is best to start the pearl engagement ring selection process by having a price range clearly identified. The more the ring is embellished with other stones or an elaborate setting, the greater the price tag.

Pearls rank quite low on the hardness quotient. This means that they scratch and get marked quite easily. The best way to keep pearls shining is to wear them often, as natural body oils help retain their lustre. Pearls in any form must be protected from harsh chemicals, including those found in perfumes and hair sprays.

The style of the engagement ring depends on the setting and the number of pearls and other stones in it. The ring can have multiple pearl or a combination of a pearl with other precious or semi-precious stones. The setting can be antique, classic, vintage, Victorian or modern, or it can even be a custom design.

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