How Do You Choose a Great Second Wedding Anniversary Gift?


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Finding a great second anniversary gift is made easier by following the standard gift categories associated with the anniversary, specifically choosing something cotton as a traditional gift or china as a more modern gift. Other options include something with the second anniversary gemstone, which is garnet; color, which is red; or flower, which is cosmos.

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Although each anniversary is associated with certain materials, it is not necessary that the gift be made of the material. A reference to one is close enough, including wrapping an appropriate gift in red wrapping paper or attaching a card with cosmos on it for a second anniversary. But as each anniversary gift is meant to be more significant than the gift from the year before, representing the deepening relationship, it is easy to buy a good second anniversary gift that has more substance than the first anniversary gift, while remaining inexpensive and made out of the appropriate material.

Gifts such as cotton sheets or towels for the home, a cotton tablecloth with a set of plates, inexpensive garnet jewelry, or cosmos planted in a garden all make great second anniversary gifts. The tradition of assigning certain material to each anniversary began in medieval times. At that time, only the 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries were acknowledged, with silver and gold respectively.

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