How Do You Choose a Great 8-Year Anniversary Gift?

Traditional gifts for the eighth anniversary are commonly associated with bronze or pottery, with more modern gifts involving linen or lace. The gemstones associated with the eighth anniversary are tourmaline and tanzanite, and the anniversary flower is the clematis. When giving an eighth anniversary gift, the present should reflect something of the couple and does not need to be made of any of the traditional materials.

For instance, eighth anniversary gifts can be wrapped in bronze-colored paper, linen or lace, given in a bronze box, or include a bronze, engraved plaque.

Giving anniversary gifts associated with particular materials dates back to medieval times, when the 25th, or silver, anniversary, was marked with a wreath of silver, and the 50th with a wreath of gold.

In more modern times, each anniversary gift represents the deepening level of commitment associated with another year in the relationship. Therefore, eighth anniversary gifts should be of more substance than those that were given for earlier anniversaries, whether they are gifts such as bronze jewelry or decorative items, ceramic bowls, a lace tablecloth, sheets or simply planting a clematis plant.

Completely non-traditional gifts can make use of the infinity symbol that the number eight so closely resembles.