What Is a Cheap Wedding Reception Menu?


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Examples of a cheap wedding reception menu include serving comfort food like pizza or home-cooked food, limiting drinks to wine and beer and serving a sheet cake rather than a layered, designer cake. Additional ideas for a cheap wedding reception menu are do-it-yourself appetizers without waiters and serving popular but inexpensive fare such as roasted chicken.

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If the bride and groom share a favorite food such as pizza, serving the food at the wedding is a great way to host an affordable reception in a meaningful way. Other types of take-out food like Chinese food also please the crowd without hurting the wallet. A cheap reception menu also includes a simple sheet cake or individual cupcakes rather than a layered cake. Some couples opt out of a cake all together in favor of a sweets bar.

Rosemary crackers with white cheddar make for a cheap wedding reception appetizer. A simple store-bought vegetable dip with fresh vegetables is also an inexpensive guest-pleasing menu choice. In addition, a wedding party can make appetizers prior to the wedding day and freeze them. Although waiters are a nice reception luxury, forgoing waiters that walk around and distribute appetizers also saves valuable cash. In general, an all-appetizer menu is a cheaper wedding reception menu than full, sit-down fare.

If the bride and groom wish to serve an entire meal, a meal served family style typically costs less to prepare than individually-plated dishes. Roasted chicken is an inexpensive but popular wedding choice. White beans provide an inexpensive side that even matches the light coloring of many modern weddings. A wedding reception menu that features in-season options also tends to cost less than out-of-season choices.

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