What Are Some Cheap Anniversary Ideas?


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There are numerous inexpensive yet thoughtful anniversary gift ideas available to couples on a tight budget. Writing love letters, having a picnic at a nearby park or taking a hike during dusk are meaningful ideas and experiences that can commemorate that special time in a couple's life.

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Celebrating an anniversary does not require taking out a loan or outstretching one's bank account. Carlie Kercheval with Happy Wives Club suggests 25 anniversary ideas that are meaningful yet, well, cheap. One of these includes going out to breakfast instead of paying for a fancy dinner at an expensive restaurant. Couples can create a night club atmosphere in their bedrooms, play slow music and dance with each other on their anniversary night. Couples can also play romantic games, such as Truth or Dare, that help strengthen their bond by engaging in intimate play and learning more about each other.

Other inexpensive anniversary activities include riding bikes together, baking a cake together, recording videos that allow each partner to name the things they love about each other or learning to say "I Love You" in several different languages, suggests Kercheval.

Couples who prefer to get out the home for their anniversary can research local museums, botanical gardens, national parks and other sites to visit. Some places, such as restaurants, may offer gifts and discounts for special occasions.

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