How Do They Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in South America?

celebrate-st-patrick-s-day-south-america Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Many places in South America celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and these celebrations are typical for the holiday: focusing on parades, splashes of the color green, public festivities and Irish cultural heritage activities such as Celtic dancing. Many South Americans of Irish heritage, particularly those in Argentina, are the descendants of immigrants who emigrated to South America to escape 19th century Irish famines.

Buenos Aires, Argentina may be the site of the biggest St. Patrick's Day celebration in South America thanks to the relatively high proportion of citizens with an Irish cultural heritage. While relatively young compared to parades in places like the United States and Ireland, it has become a cultural tradition in this South American nation.

Other parts of South America, such as Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, may recognize St. Patrick's Day thanks to its status as a Catholic holiday. Rio's massive Christ the Redeemer statue has even been lit in green.