How Do You Celebrate a Dirty 30 Birthday?

Some ideas for celebrating a Dirty 30 birthday include a roast of the birthday boy or girl, dirt-themed refreshments, and games that celebrate the guest of honor's 30 years. A Dirty 30 party can celebrate the actual idea of dirt or just focus on the celebrant's life and times.

Three decades is plenty of time to build up a lot of personal dirt, so a roast of the celebrant is a popular choice for a Dirty 30 party. Guests can contribute their favorite pieces of gossip, embarrassing memories or photographs, which can then be compiled into a scrapbook for the guest of honor. Alternately, guests can hold a celebrity-style roast in which friends take turns sharing stories and jokes about the celebrant. In a softer vein, guests can share 30 positive memories or 30 positive qualities about the guest.

A Dirty 30 party can also take the idea of dirt in a literal direction. Guests can be instructed to dress up as dirty tramps, chimney sweeps or hobos. The dirty theme can continue with refreshments and decorations, such as dirt and worm parfait cups made from crumbled cookies and gummy worms. Drinks such as the Dirty Shirley or Dirty Martinis are also a clever way to keep with the theme. A birthday cake with 30 candles is another popular choice.