How Do You Celebrate a 70th Birthday?

celebrate-70th-birthday Credit: David Sacks/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Reunion, recollection and reconciliation are the best ways to celebrate a 70th birthday. Psalms 90 in the Bible describes a man's life span as "three score years and ten" (3x20+10) or 70. Reaching this age is a milestone, as many are not fortunate to live as long. This is a good reason to celebrate it with the people who have made this journey in life worth it.

The 70th birthday is the best time to draw loved ones together. It is a time to reconnect with friends and family, and to express joy, gratitude and apology. It is the time to celebrate life, let go of its pains and embrace its glory.

Budget is a big consideration in planning and preparing the celebration. If budget is not an issue, having a big birthday party is suitable, complete with invitation cards, favorite food of the celebrant, music, dancing, games and giveaways. If the budget is limited, what is important is that the invited guests arrive. Guests may bring food for a potluck party and presents for the celebrant. These gifts need not be expensive but meaningful.

On a 70th birthday, make the celebrant feel special, cherished and loved. It is the time to tell him how valuable he is and has been. Make this birthday more memorable by documenting it. Take pictures and videos, and keep handwritten notes from guests.

Finally, make sure to check the celebrant's wishes. He might prefer to hold the celebration in a specific venue or be with a specific group of people. The celebrant might want to do something special, wild or unique on that special day. If it's a surprise party, make sure to plan it with the people who know the celebrant well.