How Do You Celebrate Your 18th Birthday?

celebrate-18th-birthday Credit: Fuse/Getty Images

According to Bash Corner, one of the best ways to celebrate an 18th birthday is to go to a club with friends. It is best to call and reserve a table, and there are clubs that offer specials for people who have turned 18. Celebrating an 18th birthday can also be a family affair, which allows all family members to participate in the momentous occasion.

Bash Corner also gives more edgier recommendations, such as getting a tattoo, but it is always best to notify parents beforehand. A shopping spree can be another fun activity, especially if the birthday recipient received cash or gift cards. Teens can also have a proverbial night on the town, where a fresh 18-year-old can go and do just about anything. Renting a limousine for the night also enhances the evening.

Punch Bowl notes other memorable 18th birthday ideas, including hosting an outside movie party or having a beach party. Going to a concert to see a favorite singer or music group is also a fantastic way of celebrating an 18th birthday. Seeing a sports game can be fun for sports enthusiasts. Punch Bowl also mentions the idea of renting an inflatable bounce house for parties to release the inner-child in everyone.