What Are Some Catering Menu Ideas for a Birthday Party?

Some catering menu ideas for a birthday party include a summer cookout or finger foods for an adult party and pizza or sandwiches for a kid's party. The caterer can begin preparing most of these items before arriving at the party, and then finish assembling the dishes onsite.

The summer cookout menu includes a main dish of ribs that only take 15 minutes on the grill because they can be steamed in the oven up to two days before the party. Potato salad made with hummus and yogurt, country coleslaw with tart apples and black-eyed pea salad make great side dishes. Refreshing drink ideas include hibiscus tea mixed with vodka and citrus juice and served in a chilled pitcher. For dessert, mini fruit pies with frozen berry shooters make a great alternative to traditional cake.

A finger foods menu can include a variety of bite-size appetizers, including mini turkey meatballs, pimento cheese cakes and artichoke and cheese-stuffed mushrooms. For a child's pizza party, a variety of pre-baked dough, flat bread or bagels, along with sauce and cheese add variety and allow the kids to design their own pizza as a fun party activity. Some topping ideas are chopped vegetables, pepperoni, canned pineapple and sautéed sausage crumbles.