What Categories of Greeting Cards Does Care2 Offer?

What Categories of Greeting Cards Does Care2 Offer?

Care2.com, a free online service for sending eCards, carries greeting cards for birthdays, holidays, friendship, get well, thank you and special occasions, as well as pets and love. The site also provides customized eCards that allow users to add personal photos or generate donations for non-profit organizations and personal causes.

Care2's holiday category features cards for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Halloween and Hanukkah. Holidays that are not official national holidays are also included, such as St. Patrick's Day, Mardi Gras and Valentine's Day.

The site's friendship category includes eCards that express "hello," "thinking of you," "long time" and "please write."

The love category offers sweet and sentimental eCards for "a special someone" with subcategories such as Romance, Virtual Kiss, Bouquets, Missing You and Roses.

Care2's pet category has a collection of eCards for owners and lovers of birds, cats, dogs, horses and pigs. This category also features a pet sympathy subcategory called Pet Heaven, which allows users to send condolences for deceased pets.

The thank you category helps users show their appreciation with a range of eCards from silly space aliens to sincere and solemn flowers. To create a more memorable greeting, each eCard can be personalized with a note of thanks.