What Are Some Catalog Favorites Personalized Gifts?

What Are Some Catalog Favorites Personalized Gifts?

As of June 2015, Catalog Favorites has over 100 personalized gifts, such as afghans, wall art, pet products, home items and clothing. For example, throws are personalized for relatives, graduates, baseball lovers and fire fighters.

Wall art includes romantic prints that are appropriate for couples. Framed U.S. and world maps allow travelers to mark past and future destinations. Signs for home entertainment areas focus on music or wine. Products for animal lovers include embroidered dog collars, doormats personalized with names and breeds, owners' pendants, and T-shirts.

For the home, customers can personalize hand soap, sports calendars, clocks, doormats and vases, as well as pilsner, hurricane and pint glasses. The apparel category has T-shirts with a variety of themes, such as family relationships, professions, recreational activities and humor. Catalog Favorites offers alphabet-style personalized shirts for children, as well as golf polo shirts and chef aprons.

In most cases, Catalog Favorites provides personalization free of charge. The specific type of personalization — names, words, initials or monograms — varies by product. Formats vary as well, and include printing, embroidery and engraving. Customers specify personalization during the checkout process.

Catalog Favorites differentiates between initials and monograms. Initials are one, two or three letters of a person's name in order. Monograms always have three letters. The first initial of the last name is larger and goes in the center. Smaller initials for the first and middle names flank it.