How Do You Carve a Dora Pattern Into a Pumpkin?

How Do You Carve a Dora Pattern Into a Pumpkin?

Carve a Dora pattern into a pumpkin by first selecting and printing a Dora image. Then transfer the image to the pumpkin, and carve the image into the pumpkin.

  1. Choose your image

    Select the Dora picture you want to use. Print it on regular paper in the size you want for your pumpkin carving.

  2. Transfer the design

    Cut off the top of the pumpkin, remove its pulp, scrape the inside clean, and clean the outside surface. Tape the printed picture securely to the pumpkin, flattening it against the pumpkin's curves as much as possible. Using a sharp object (such as an awl, artist's stylus, nail, wooden skewer or ice pick), poke small holes close together along the lines of the image.

  3. Carve the design

    When the lines of the image are transferred to the pumpkin, remove the paper. Cut out the design from the pumpkin with a carving knife, starting with the largest pieces.