How Do You Cancel a Baby Shower?


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Canceling a baby shower requires communication and preparation. Depending on the circumstances of a canceled shower, it may be difficult to make clear-headed decisions, so the site recommends collaborating with others before canceling.

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One of the first steps towards canceling a baby shower is being aware of the possibility that it may need to be canceled. Many people make intricate plans revolving around the timely and seamless birth of a child, without realizing that circumstances can change in a moment, regardless of the plans that have been made. These people should also be aware that giving birth may drain the mother's energy and willingness to have a party.

Alternately, the baby may be born too early or have health complications. The mother must communicate exactly how much information she is willing to share with invited guests about why a shower has been canceled. It is suggested that she also determine how the invitees will be contacted. Depending on how close the original shower date is, the mother may prefer to call or email rather than physically mailing out another note.

The mother should also have at least one day to determine how she wants to handle the cancellations. Making spur of the moment decisions, particularly if made under a lot of stress can lead to mistakes, so waiting a day is helpful. Additionally, be sure to let guests know where they can send gifts they have already purchased, and when or if they can visit the mother.

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