How Can I Write Follow-up Letters to Church Visitors?

When writing a follow-up letter to a church visitor, first thank the person for attending the church. Tell the visitor that he is welcome back, and include contact information.

  1. Thank the visitor

    Start the letter with the date and a professional, friendly salutation. Thank the person for attending the church service, and share your appreciation for it. Briefly remind the recipient of any specific details of the visit.

  2. Welcome visitors back

    Tell the visitor that he is welcome to return to the church at any time. Let the recipient know how he can participate in the church, or encourage him to simply attend. Include in the letter any upcoming events that the church is holding and how the recipient can get an updated calendar of events and activities. Do not make assumptions that the visitor is going to return in the future. Convey your willingness to listen to him and to bring him into your community.

  3. Include contact information

    Include the pastor's name and contact information as well as the names of any church leaders, such as the chairperson of the hospitality team. In the text of the letter, include the church's office phone number, email address and website. Finish the letter with a closing and a signature. Send the follow-up letter promptly to the church visitor after his visit.