What Can I Write in My Boyfriend's Christmas Card?

can-write-boyfriend-s-christmas-card Credit: Quinn Dombrowski/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Christmas is a time when most people think back on the moments they shared with others and how they feel about their loved ones. While most Christmas cards come with a printed message inside, some couples go the extra mile by adding a special message for their loved ones written on the inside.

Best Card Messages recommends that girlfriends write a message that tells their boyfriends how they feel about spending the holidays together. "All I want for Christmas this year is you" or "Christmas lights don't light up my life as much as your smile does" may be a good choice. Tip Net suggests that girlfriends take the time to write their boyfriends a special letter. They can express their thoughts and emotions in a few short paragraphs on a separate piece of paper and slip that letter inside the envelope. This gives them more space to write about how they feel and their hopes for the coming year without feeling confined to the inside of a card. Not all love letters are mushy, and a girlfriend might receive a romantic love letter back just by telling him how she feels. Those who are unsure of what to write can look for printed cards that express their feelings.