What Can You Wear to an Anything-but-Clothes Party?

Suitable attire for an anything-but-clothes party includes any items available for creating body coverings that would not be classified as regular clothing. Creative ideas for outfits for an anything-but-clothes party include duct tape creations, sheet togas, cardboard or newspaper outfits and trash bags.

Anything-but-clothes parties, also called ABC parties, are popular college theme parties. As the name of the theme suggests, guests create articles to wear out of unique and unusual materials. Although some guests choose to keep it simple by cutting holes in a garbage bag for their head and arms or wrapping themselves in a beach towel, others go all out, creating wardrobe pieces that are as fashionable as they are unique.

Gift wrap, foil and patterned duct tape all add flair to anything-but-clothes outfits. More creative ideas include board-game money, chip bags and candy wrappers. Balloons, flowers, and tissues add texture when applied to basic skirts and tops created from packing tape. Look for items with bright colors or that glow in the dark to stand out from the crowd.

Although people do dress skimpily at ABC parties, the party theme does not imply that it is acceptable to arrive dressed indecently. Costumes need to cover at least the same areas covered by a skimpy swimsuit. Guests should also consider comfort when putting together their outfits, and bring back-up duct tape or other accessories for occasional costume malfunctions.