Where Can You Volunteer to Serve Christmas Dinner to Homeless People?

People can volunteer to serve Christmas dinner to homeless people at local pantries, shelters, community centers and Salvation Army sites. Local churches and schools may also host a Christmas dinner for the homeless and seek volunteers to help make and serve food during the holidays.

Individuals with large outdoor areas or homes can also host their own Christmas dinners for homeless people. Local shelters, women's crisis centers and social service organizations can provide referrals, tips and precautions for people seeking to host dinners in their homes or at local reception halls.

Volunteer opportunities to help serve Christmas dinners to the homeless are often posted online on websites such as TheSite.org or official city websites. People can also pre-package dinners and meals and serve the homeless throughout the city by personally delivering food to areas where the homeless typically migrate or set up camp. Many organizations suggest traveling in groups to ensure the safety of the volunteers. Homeless people living in cold climates may also appreciate blankets, socks and coats to help keep them warm when food is delivered.

Volunteers working with social service agencies are needed to not only serve Christmas dinner but to also prepare food, visit with the homeless, wash dishes, and set up and break down tables for the event.