Where Can You Use a Sodexho Premium Pass?

can-use-sodexho-premium-pass Credit: Purestock/Getty Images

According to the company website, a Sodexo premium pass can be used at any accredited service provider and retailer throughout the world. It is a gift certificate or voucher usually given by employers to their employees as an incentive or recognition for delivering consistent quality performance and for helping the company reach its quantitative and qualitative objectives. It is a way to motivate and retain employees, clients and customers.

The Sodexo gift certificate is accepted by millions of merchants around the world. It can be used in accredited supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants, theaters, amusement parks, salons, department stores and entertainment sites. The premium pass is most commonly available in the Philippines and is accepted in more than 6,000 stores in the country. It must be noted, however, that it is not convertible to cash and that change will not be given when a Sodexo premium pass is used for transactions less than the value of the gift certificate. It is accepted and is good as cash when used in combination with other means of payment, such as cash, credit card or other gift vouchers.

The Sodexo premium pass is designed by Sodexo, which is based in Marseilles, France. Sodexo also offers other types of Sodexo gift certificates, such as well-being, travel, restaurant, Internet, leisure, working clothes and mobility passes.