How Can I Surprise My Boyfriend on Valentine's Day?

can-surprise-boyfriend-valentine-s-day Credit: Joe Regan/Moment/Getty Images

Surprising a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day can be done by formulating a plan that is thoughtful, romantic and will catch him off-guard. Try having special items delivered to him or planning a date with his personal favorite activities or food. Traditionally men do the planning or have items delivered to their partner, so turning the tables on this tradition makes for a fun surprise.

Hiring a masseuse to perform a couples massage in the home is a gift appreciated by most. Many masseuses have portable massage tables in order to bring the luxury of a spa to a home residence. Add other nice touches to the atmosphere by arranging scented candles around the room to set the scene so that when he walks in, a romantic and relaxing scene greets him.

An artistic outing is a unique date idea where you can bond with your partner as you paint together while enjoy cocktails. Not only is it an interactive, fun experience, but the artwork can be taken home as a memento. People of all skill levels can participate in this activity.

Remember that the Valentine’s Day surprise should be tailored to the taste of the recipient. Keep their interest in mind, and do not be tempted to do something that is self-indulgent.