How Can Someone Make a Movie-Themed Gift Basket?

To make a movie themed gift basket, gather specific items that match the movie's theme and place them together in a large basket, then wrap with gift wrap and present to the receiver. Movie-themed gift baskets can be made for any movie.

There are many occasions appropriate for making a movie-themed gift basket, usually when a typical gift basket wouldn't be the best option. The occasion may determine what type or specific movie is chosen. To make a movie-themed gift basket, the following supplies will be needed: 

  • Basket of choice - the size will determine the amount of items added, and baskets that look like large popcorn tubs are ideal for this.
  • Popcorn in small bags or a Jiffy Pop container
  • Various movie theater candies - some examples are M&Ms, gummy bears, licorice, snow caps, raisinets and milk duds. The majority of these can be purchased at Wal-Mart for under one dollar.
  • Personalized options can include a mug or coupons for a movie on Netflix
  • Plastic or sheer gift wrap, about 1 yard
  1. Ensure that each item is individually wrapped, and place into the movie basket (or bucket).
  2. Organize so that smaller items are in front and visible, with larger items in the back.
  3. Display the larger items in the back to form a line behind the smaller items, only one item thick, and form a "row" from the back of the basket to the middle sides.
  4. Place the entire basket in the middle of the gift wrap and pull wrapping up and around sides to meet at the top. Twist the top and tie with a ribbon.