How Can I Send a Birthday Card to a Friend?


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The two most popular ways to send a birthday card to a friend are either through traditional mail services or via an online e-card service. Traditional mail services take longer, as the card must travel the distance to the recipient, and the card and shipping will cost. E-cards may cost the sender as well, but there are free e-cards available for use.

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To send a birthday card to a friend through traditional mail services, first purchase or make the birthday card and add a personal message. Next, insert the card into an envelope and apply the proper postage stamp. Finally, place the card in a mailbox for pick-up. The amount of time required for delivery depends on the postal service used and the distance the card must travel.

To send an e-card, find an e-card service or website. The following are a few examples of sites that offer free birthday e-cards: American Greetings, Someecards and Blue Mountain. Next, select a card and write a personal message. Enter the sender and recipient information. This usually includes names and email addresses for both parties. Finally, send the personal birthday e-card. Most e-card websites provide tracking information to let the sender know when their card is received.

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