Where Can I Sell My Prom Dress?

can-sell-prom-dress Credit: Juanmonino/E+/Getty Images

You can sell your prom dress online at thedresslist.com and locally at Plato's Closet or similar stores. Thedresslist.com and Plato's Closet both buy and sell clothing that have been gently used.

Information that is needed to sell a prom or wedding dress on thedresslist.com includes the seller's city, zip code and email address and the dress style, dress size, selling price, designer, color, description and images of the dress. When selling a prom dress at Plato's Closet, the price that the buyer offers is determined by style, condition, brand and the inventory level of that specific store. Plato's closet buys and sells used cloths of all types and accessories.